Here is a list of different tools I found and try to cover (listed in no particular order).




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A review on Tox: wired (, visited 140902).
Slashdotted (, visited 140902).

Sneaking into the machine and using all possibilities to stay inside – against the will of the user – sounds like a virus to me.

Yet it’s how a tool from the [once reputable] AGV company behaves. It’s called AGV Secure Search.
It’s another factor for me not to advice any products from the company to anyone, and describe them being intrusive and not user-friendly.

As to the Secure Search tool, you have to go deep into system settings to remove that misbehaving piece of software (POS). Even a special crafted AGV toolbar remover was made (according to a post on the forum). Still, even that fails to remove the “secure search” tool.

“A useless tool to remove an intrusive tool” sounds like a truly bad PR for AVG. And a sure way to drive own customers (users) away…

noisy AGV Secure Search

noisy AGV Secure Search 2.settings

noisy AGV Secure Search 3.restart

Here is what I’ve recently (and not so recently) thought about and what might be a good discussion topic:

140529 to avoid getting spam into your inbox on topics like ‘bl000g‘ or ‘bl0gging’ you might NOT use the words I had to write intentionally wrong…
140526: A lie / a delusion: “if you’re not do­ing any­thing wrong why would you want pri­va­cy?” (A small talk about privacy “Pervasive Monitoring Is an Attack” at, checked 140526.

140523: why buying a TeleWell LTE/4G/3G USB -modem (like this model) is not a good idea;

140520: a secure alternative to Skype…

If you are interested in protecting your privacy online, probably you have already heard about the new extension from EFF, Privacy Badger.

You might have seen the post at Slashdot here (or here) or at Hacker News or even added the plugin to your browser.

With all the good things about this extension, there is a small detail I like about it: the name. It’s called rather funny, when you consider this motto -like phrase at EFF site:

“Nothing can stop the Privacy Badger from eating cookies when it’s hungry!”

I’ve been trying to make Windows key work as Super key in Linux Mint (Mate edition),
as this would be natural after using Windows for quite a long time.

I tried Keyboard Shortcuts,
then searched for the keycode of the Windows key on my machine,
and when that didn’t lead to anything, I tried searching.

Seems like this is a known issue and WIP (hopefully, it will work some day) in Mate(
Here is the post I found:

Windows key (Super L) is not working.

That’s enough to stop searching for a while… Hmm.