Linux Ubuntu Live from a usb flash drive

  • The goal

The aim is to have a Linux ubuntu live version, i.e. we want to try Ubuntu Linux before installing it on computer.

I’ve chosen the Ubuntu LTS version as a more stable OS (at the moment it is Ubuntu 10.04.03), and install it on a usb flash drive instead of a cd-rom. The system running on a flash drive should be faster to boot-up and more responsive overall (than the cd-rom live OS).

  • The procedure

The process is quite simple and is described at in detail.

To make a portable Ubuntu we need to download the ISO-fle from the download page. As we mentioned, our choice is the current LTS Ubuntu. Then we make a bootable USB-stick with the current Universal USB Installer (at the moment v.

After Universal USB Installer is installed, it only lasts several minutes for that utility to prepare a bootable usb-drive. During the process, user has to select the correct downloaded ISO file, then gives the correct path (where the ISO file is downloaded at his computer) and chooses the drive to make it a bootable usb pen drive. Wuala!

  • The result

Now you can try Ubuntu without installing it. Simply run it from usb drive (some changes in Bios settings might be needed to run computer from usb flash drive): the live Ubuntu will not affect your current system!


The assignment:

  • Polta itsellesi ubuntu-romppu (tai xubuntu).
  • Boottaa liverompulta ja asenna ssh-palvelin. Luo uusi käyttäjä ja kirjaudu sillä.
  • Julkaise kotisivu haluamassasi paikassa
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