Video doesn’t play under Iron browser

Video won’t start at youtube, vkontakte or other video hosting portals.

Quite a usual trouble with Flash-video, which first didn’t seem to be a trouble.

Simple tasks though didn’t work… Here is what’s been tried and checked:

  • Some addons / extensions installed, Adblock in the first place,
  • NoScript and any other plug-ins.
  • Run out of ideas(((
  • Several visits to Adobe, checking the correct browser version, and several shots to install the flash … It just won’t work! Stops downloading at 13% and freezes.

At last, the problem solved that way (and a very easy one =)):

  • F-secure antivirus temporarily deactivated,
  • flash installer is run and Flash plugin installed from official Adobe site.

Video running normally! Bingo,

problem solved!


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