Office Web Apps vs Google Docs

Actually, this post wouldn’t be a complete review of online office tools Google and MS provide.

It’s just a cry over an MS newsletter message I’ve received (is it kinda shame to admit having subscribed to anything from Microsoft? =)

Ok, here is the message title I became interested in and thus opened the mail:
“See how Office Web Apps compare to Google Docs”…

– Ok, why not to see how THEY see it) It could happen to be not that biased…

So here is their point:
“See how Office Web Apps compare to Google Docs” (ok, not bad for a title. Seen it before opening)

“See why Office Web Apps is the better choice for sharing documents” (I have images turned off in firefox now, so I see no choices, just a blatant claim sth is better…)

“Seeing is believing. Check out the full document in Word Web App. Then in Google Docs.” [links to, I suppose, some specially formatted document] (hehm, what about seeing a Ms office 2003 document in Office 2010? Office 98 docs in Office 2007?! Rubbish!…
Again – I want some analysis and sound arguments. MS, please, give some information, not spammed spam with some spam?!)

“GET STARTED NOW >” (no, tx, need some INFORMATION first!!!)

“Here are a few things that can change or go missing when you use Google Docs”… (khm, only if you are switching from MS docs to g-docs… Why would U read that then?!… Anyway, I assume there – at last – we will have some arguments. Lets’s see…)

• Images
• Sparklines
• SmartArt

• Filters
• Charts
• Conditional Formatting

• Footers
• Headers
• Watermarks

– ?!
So, these are THE arguments?! /facepalm/

PS: last time I checked “online MS Office Word” (whatever it’s called), there was NO autosave -function. Full stop. That’s what I actually thought was so nice in a web-app: always possible to have it saved, even if hardware fails (and no UPS in use).

Awkward formatting, watermarks (?!), filters – f* it, Ms. Really! Forget it!
Forget even the footer and header: if the Web app fails to save the document, that would be lost with or without the header anyway…

And please, be at least A BIT more informative in your ads, newsletters and “product reviews”. PLEASE! Stop treating your could-be-or-not-customers as *** (sorry, don’t know English that well).

PPS: I don’t actually vote for Google docs either (for privacy concerns mainly) and now trying to move at least some information to Wuala and… Wuala now supports basic editing, which is sometimes well enough for me…

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    Gelsheet: The Opensource Web spreadsheet,

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