PC boot failure: Windows XP SP2 + Linux Ubuntu

What happened: the computer doesn’t boot, and outputs an error:
GRUB error: unknown filesystem
grub rescue>

I need help!)




Long story long:
Before: I had a completely nicely running machine with WinXP SP2 and Ubuntu installed concurrently with Windows.

Before giving it to one of my friends, I deleted some junk from the PC, uninstalled some programs presumably not needed by friend and installed a minimal software pack for a home desktop (Iron browser, LibreOffice as productivity suite, Skype as an IM application, IrfanView as a smooth n light image viewer and editor).

I also decided to create an additional partition next to usual Windows C -partition, so first I installed some partitioning tool on Windows.
With the partition manager I added a label for C>
C:System (to scare the new user and hope he won’t touch the System partition))
and shrinked C -disc a bit, to get some free space for new partition. This required a restart.

Ok, going further!
Then a new logical disk ‘U’ with a label “Docs” (again, U: Docs) was created. Seemed ok.
And right after that I had to reboot (because of updates for MS antivirus).

And it STARTED!) That’s what I saw after rebooting:
A black screen of death and some gloomy message:
GRUB error: unknown filesystem, grub rescue

Hyvät hyssykät!..))

Remember KISS? Keep It Simple, Stupid! Is that the situation?)))
If something is working, don’t touch it! Hear it? Never ever!=))
…Until it brakes down by itself)

<There was a bit of googling… eghm, I mean, duckduckgoing here…>

Some help found at Ubuntu Community Portal:

1. The forum gives these standard commands to input to command line:
Grub commands

So, I tried inputting commands as follows:

set prefix=(h0,6)/boot/grub
set root=(loop0)
insmod normal

After that – wuala! – the usual boot menu appeared, so I could normally boot into OS (I have WinXP SP2 and Ubuntu). Well, almost normally…

It all worked ok (both OS tested, Linux or Windows) – until the restart, after which I had the same the problem with:
GRUB error: unknown filesystem, grub rescue

So, somehow I need to permanently fix the Grub (not only to boot to OS once and use it until next reboot))

This solved the problem for some users: updating grub when booted into Ubuntu. So I naturally tried it:

Updating Grub in CLI

Grub update in ubuntu terminal

No help(

So here is the fix I found, at last:
Probably, it’s not a hardcore linux style, 8)
but it worked for me. And I was already quite embarassed and frustrated to search for any other CLI solution!)

a. Make the previous steps (I mean, these:
set prefix=(h0,6)/boot/grub)
set root=(loop0)
insmod normal

– And boot into Ubuntu.

b. When booted, install the Boot-Repair -utility (can follow the instructions at help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair)
and make the one-click repair by hitting Recommended repair:

Boot-repair, one click to repair!

Boot-repair menu

c. Problem solved!

Grub repaired

Message on successfully repaired boot menu


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