Determining the version of your linux distributive

So, recently had some troubles with running screenshot application in Peppermint, and AFAIU the problem could be linked to outdated system. Could be true, so I have had to check the version of the linux distributive I use (some version of Peppermint).

If you want just to see the solution how I determined the version of Peppermint OS, see the correct cli command, and to see the whole story of searching for this answer, just proceed reading 8)

I have found several ways of determining the distributive version (which is not unusual for linux, is it?)), including:

a. “Checking your /etc -directory for a file called *-version or the likes.”
This one wasn’t quite specific or exact (how should I search for some vague info, i.e. “-version or the likes.”?!)

Running cli command:

cat: /etc/*-distro

The result:

No such file or directory

Again, running command:

cat: /etc/*-distributive

leads again to the same result (“No such file or directory”).
No help here, let’s move on…

b. Issuing "uname -r" -cli command.
This one outprinted some very technical code:
This reveals the kernel of the OS I’m using. I’m not a developer, why would I need this?)
Still searching…

c. Another cli command:
“cat /etc/issue” for distro”
Supposedly should have revealed the distro. Didn’t work either!
But I see the same /etc -directory mentioned, which [I hope] is not a coincidence!
This directory must be having some note of what distro is in use) I should examine this place/keep it in mind at least… (/update/: and sure, the information about the OS version is exactly in this location).

The solution, finally

So, at last, here is the advice that led to the needed information!
Issuing CLI command:

 cat /etc/*-release

-gave me this output:


*At the moment*, I know that my distro (it’s Peppermint, and today is the New freaking 2014 First Day!)) has reached version 4, so I should probably try to update my system)

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