Keyboard shortcut for Terminal in linux Mint 13 (Mate)

After installing Linux Mint () I discovered that the usual (and very useful!) shortcut for launching terminal does not work in Mint Mate.
So, to start terminal, I have to go to Menu, then to Accessories, and only after that launch the Terminal.

Not very handy, when usually all you have to do is to hit: Ctrl+Alt+T

To make this useful shortcut working after your installed Linux Mint 13 (Mate edition), open Keyboard Shortcuts (can find it in Menu search or from Menu-Preferences),inserting name and command for the shortcut
hit +Add,
and give your new custom shortcut some name (mine is “run, mate terminal, run”).

To activate this new shortcut, click it (it reads ‘Disabled’) and press the required key combination (the usual Ctrl+Alt+T).

Voila! Now you have your terminal window opening quickly!

Ibm Thinkpad X40 (I love it!),
Linux Mint (Mate) 13 (here is how to find your version of your distributive).

Place where I found the advice on making the shortcut working:

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