Linux Mint does not show up in boot menu (dual boot with Windows 7)


After I’ve successfully installed a second OS (Gnu/Linux Mint Cinnamon) to my Windows 7 PC from a USB thumb drive, the computer still boots into Windows 7 only.
When USB drive is inserted back into the machine, it shows the boot menu with Linux Mint and Windows 7.

The problem longer description:

I’ve installed Linux Mint as a second OS onto my current desktop with Windows 7. As usually, when installing a Gnu/Linux distro, I’ve used the Universal USB Installer (from UUI site) to make a bootable USB, and then installed the distro off the drive.

After successful install and reboot into Linux Mint and checking that everything worked nicely, I remove the thumb drive from the desktop and continue to work in Linux.

But after a moment, I decide to reboot to switch to Windows 7, and realize I don’t get the boot menu with options to boot into Linux Mint or Windows 7, and the system just proceeds to boot into Windows.

When the bootable USB drive is inserted back into the machine, the system boots into Linux (but then it shows the boot menu with an option to boot Windows 7).

How to fix the problem: WIP)).

System I was running:

  • Asrock ION 330 mini desktop
  • Windows 7 Professional N
  • a bootable USB flash drive (with 64-bit Linux Mint Cinnamon), created with USB installer from (the current version Universal-USB-Installer- as of 11.04.2014).
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