BS job prerequisites: team player and/or working alone

Once again I see that famous, if not notorious and ignorant (just my opinion, sure) job prerequisite:
a company seeking “a team player”, but at the same time he should and “can also work alone”.
Moreover, it was mentioned in a long list of “preferred personal qualities” without any explanation to that inconsistent criterion.

I see a problem here: the company does not really know it’s own needs. It has a lack of focus or it’s just basic ignorance…
Ok, the job can really be very versatile, so that the worker should be able to be the Jack of all trades. Then you could just stress that in a longer job description, and not resort to these meaningless words:

Team player vs working alone.

A company wants a team player, who works alone well too.



But move, nothing to see here, just me grumbling…


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