Re-flashing firmware on F9006 android phone

My device does not work normally (when calling, there is high level of noise, so no one I’m calling to can hear me), so Support has sent me a link to this page and advised to reflash the firmware.

Guys at Geekbuying!
Please, update this page to include a detailed instruction of flashing the firmware!

Here is the screenshot of “the instruction” they provide at the moment:

F9006 flashing instructions

It really lacks step-by-step explanations for the flashing-firmware…

What do you think of that?!

It’s not clear from this list of 5 steps (as you see, the list even skips step 3 for some reason, going from 2 right to step 4. What does that suppose to mean?!), how to re-flash the phone and evade bricking it…

The combination of “Volume down” + “Menu” + “Power off” (from switched off mode)
boots the phone to some interesting mode,
but the menu is in Chinese:

Booting into Recovery mode

I might only guess it is the Recovery Mode,
but as it is in Chinese – no help for me…

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