Virus-like AVG Secure Search on new Firefox tabs

Sneaking into the machine and using all possibilities to stay inside – against the will of the user – sounds like a virus to me.

Yet it’s how a tool from the [once reputable] AGV company behaves. It’s called AGV Secure Search.
It’s another factor for me not to advice any products from the company to anyone, and describe them being intrusive and not user-friendly.

Trying to remove the AVG search tool.
While fighting to uninstall the Secure Search tool, you have to go deep into system settings to remove that misbehaving piece of software (POS). Even a special crafted AGV toolbar remover was made (according to a post on the forum). Still, even that fails to remove the “secure search” tool.

“A useless tool to remove the intrusive tool (made by the same company)” sounds like a truly bad PR for AVG. And a sure way to drive customers (users) away…

noisy AGV Secure Search

noisy AGV Secure Search 2.settings

noisy AGV Secure Search 3.restart


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