Adobe, the spammer

So, it seems like nowadays everybody knows, what spamming means.
Nevertheless, Adobe makes sure we remember how obtrusive and impudent a spammer is.

Adobe, the spammer.
When updating (once standard and still very common) flash player for browsers, users get an install of some alleged security tool (“free McAfee Security Scan Plus“, what an awful naming monster with a must “PLUS” add-on).

Adobe spamming users

Unwanted installation from Adobe

McAfee, another spammer.
What makes the situation worse – is that the “security tool” is supposedly typical snake oil, which I would call a useless Piece Of Software (POS). It is not a real antivirus or security tool, I guess, and only tries to sell users some other POS (I do not know exactly and only guess here, because I try to avoid any POS from spammers, so I didn’t install it).

But the sure fact is that many users didn’t invoke installation of McAfee tool. Instead, it somehow sneaked onto their computers.
To prove just that, here is the first search result from Duckduckgo:
Users guess how McAfee penetrates their computers

The second search result is very ironic:
Can you trust a sneaky POS from McAfee?
Users are in doubt, whether the tool is actually safe)
I guess, this doubt is reasonable.

Considering, that flash is still very common and Adobe is spamming users with unwanted installs of McAfee tool while updating the flash player, I think I know, where the problem is.
But here is the question: what can we do?! Is html5 the great saviour?)


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