Doogee Latte DG450 – almost worth it, but…

Here is a small review on a medium-priced chinese phone. I try to present it’s main features without going into technical details, and in the end of the report I give my recommendation on whether to consider buying this or rather some other phone.

Some advantages:

  • price
  • snappy interface (thanks to:
  • good technical specs)
  • good battery life (easily 1 day of usage, with moderate usage 1-2 days possible too)
  • the screen size ok (not monster huge, not small)

Some disadvantages (you can live with them):

  • the screen size ok, but the bezel is too big, so
  • phone is a bit uncomfortable to hold and looks over-sized
  • cheap back cover plastic
  • screen-lock button is non-responsive or very awkward to use
  • misaligned protective plastic on the screen
  • miserable useless headphones included, but
  • no protective case NOR pouch included
  • not possible to get root privileges
  • you can go cheaper with other no-name chinese phones
  • bigger consideration, is that you can go cheaper /at least pay the same/ with a budget phone from a reputed brand, and get better quality

Biggest issues:
I have rather small fingers, yet while typing I get mistakes constantly, which is really irritating.
This is the same problem I had with another phone, F9006 (which happens to be a very bad phone, btw), but it was a completely unknown no-name device, so I could expect that.

On the other hand, I have used (an even cheaper, than this chinese device) a budget android phone from Samsung (Samsung Trend Plus), which has proven to read touches almost flawlessly.

Bottom line:
Doogee Latte DG450 has a too bad sensor panel to be worth buying. Other ROMs installation might be a problem (not possible to find any?), but rooting is possible.
A cheap Android phone from reputed brands would give you the same/better usability and better quality (and the same or even lower price range). E.g., at the moment of writing, such an alternative would be Samsung Trend Plus.

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