The most affordable graphic card for World of tanks

This is a small post on my search of the most affordable PC system to switch from my current setup
(Asrock miniPC, based on Atom 330 with Nvidia Ion graphic system).
It has been a great system for my humble needs, except my gaming passion for the World of tanks -game. Yeah, I know, Asrock Ion 330 is NOT a gaming setup, and it was actually not bought for playing (but since it could, I used it this way too)). Good enough, as they say. It could handle World of tanks on minimal settings up to recent update (0.9, I think, after which FPS dropped to 6…14). Other than that – a great small and silent computer!

Reasons for the upgrade.

I tried to persuade myself to upgrade, and since listing helps, here is a couple of reasons for the upgrade:
1., game upgraded (and AFAIK, the game is not very hardware friendly, i.e. not optimized). More game-centric powerful hardware needed.
2. the system can brilliantly handle home & small office tasks, so
I could give it to a non-gamer.

It’s not a very convincing neither long list, I know)
To add some weight to it, here is some review of it’s computing capabilities (which we can compare to minimum system requirements of the World Of Tanks):

Computing power of the Atom 330 /Ion system.

Here are some current test results of the Atom Ion system:
Atom 330 processor: 605 (*)
Ion graphic card: 102 (**)

According to the official WOT minimum system requirements***, the processor is to be 2.2 GHz and has to support SSE2. Atom 330 is 1.6GHz, so it must be less powerful… And even if it’s dual core, AFAIK, it won’t help, as WOT is not optimized for multicore systems.
The graphics are almost identical to the bare minimum requirements, which is [to the date of 150118] GeForce 6800 model (which still has a bit better benchmark result of 109).
As you might have guessed, this system would not be a brilliant choice for gaming)
Still, even with this humble processing power I could play the game for a couple of years – imagine that!=)

Some philosophical rant: are there real needs to upgrade (?!).

Some rant on consumerism society we live in:
So, what I need to find is the affordable PC, which proves to be capable of running at least the current version of the game at least on medium settings (so, after future updates I could possibly be still running it on low settings, lol)).
I am not really fond of buying a gaming PC only for the sake of gaming. That way you end up buying a new system almost every year (after new big game releases).
IMHO, all modern computers do have sufficient computing power (more or less), it’s just the gaming and software/OS industry, making any current game/system obsolete rather quickly (game optimization, hardware drivers, system security updates, etc.) – and the consumers, on the other side. I do what I can to stay out of this never-ending self-destroying market (unfortunately, this post proves me a part of this market)…

Integrated graphics

I would be grateful for any ideas and advice,
and will post any updates, whether/when I find and/switch to a new system.
I do consider on choosing some system on a modern processor (intel i3? i5?) with integrated graphics, but not sure whether that would be enough… Probably, not;
moreover, it would soon (if not already) choke on new game updates. Heck!)

CPU and graphics test results:


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