No audio on Windows 7. Error 1722: The RPC Server Is Unavailable.

I’ve had the error 1722 since I made some “optimization” to Windows Services, turning off some “unneeded” (as I thought) services. And I did that optimization incorrectly, not turning one services in a step (so I don’t know exactly what has lead to the problem with audio).

After long searches and different combinations of Services I reactivated here is the fix (which is quite illogical):

Check the Power Service.

Since my computer is a desktop (not a notebook), my thinking was: I really do not need that service enabled. Yup. And After I deactivated it, the computer stopped “seeing” my headphones or speakers plugged into it.

So, check the Power Service, and enable it to fix the problem with audio on your Windows 7 pc. After it’s done, and the power service is running, the windows audio & endpoint builder should start and the error 1722 should be fixed.


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