Happiness sellers in blue t-shorts.

Another title for this post could be:
“BS branding in Copronomics”.

A certain type of marketing, which could have started from “professional” lines of products (“blue” series of Bosch instead of “green”), nowadays reaches quite absurd stage of BS-branding. Have you heard of “pro”-series of toothbrushes? Seriously, “professional” TOOTHBRUSHES?!.. But marketing guru’s do not stop there…

Here are some other examples of BS marketing, that went (IMHO) far away from reality and common sense:

* Apple stores – and their Geniuses… /Just do not know what’s to comment here.

* Not strange enough, MS follows the same BS rule of silly naming: the recent Charms Bar. How silly is that name?! Or is it because English is not my native language, and Charms Bar sounds awkward only to me?

* Indiegogo as a platform has got lots of criticism (though righteous criticism too!), especially considering their Refund policy and Customer Service), and here is another sort of criticism:
their Customer support is called… “HAPPINESS team”! That’s right. In case you had troubles with Indiegogo, some scam projects or delivery issues – you know whom to blame: it’s the Happiness team… They didn’t deliver what they seem to promise: happiness…

Do you know other examples of silly branding (or BS marketing language)? I feel like this post would get future updates…)

PS: I also think I should explain (for myself, in the first case), why this kind of “branding”, or naming products or services is bad. But I’d do that in another post. Some day. Maybe. For now I would rather read some useful articles like “How to stop procrastination – and get things done”…


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