Golden moments of tinkering

Yesterday I attended local trashlab-like event, and liked it VERY much.

Kullankaivajat -työpaja
Basically, the main idea of the event was to see the internals of a desktop computer (which might be very interesting and useful for novice users who are afraid to open the desktop PC case), to get idea how it works (and how it might break) – and how it can be fixed and/or updated. And we also got opportunity to break some stuff too!) In the name of science and education, of course!)

Great to see people who share close interests and believes. Equally great to see [h]activists, who try to convey and spread those ideas. And to get something done is fun too!
Learning what's inside a typical desktop PC

For some other people what we did (essentially, destroyed some memory chips, several CPU’s for tiny amounts of metal) is shocking – but that’s what is actually happening all the time, we just don’t see it or hear about it often.

There are some differences to mention too: we were working in a well lit and ventilated room – just for the fun of tinkering. But in some parts of the world people do exactly the same (try to extract some valuable parts and metals from trash and dumped e-waste) and work in harsh environment – just to SURVIVE.

This is not only an educating event, but a very entertaining too. And I think, I’ve learned something new there.
Just regret I didn’t bring my nephew with me… Next time, maybe (?)!

Many thanks to organizers!

* -projektin Kutsu kullankaivajat -työpajaan;
* työpajan järjesti Naisten Pankki osana Helsingin yliopiston ylioppilaskunnan (HYY) kehyviikkoa;
* työpajan ohjaaja: Albert Laine.


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