A modular mobile phone made in Finland

PuzzlePhone, a modular phone project, supported by EU Horizon 2020 programme and Finnish agency for Innovation, has been established in Helsinki, Finland.

A modular phone is not exactly a new idea. There has been Ara phone (though I do not know, where that project is now), and modular notebook concept has also been introduced.

A modular mobile device is a very challenging project evidently; I can imagine lots of challenges in mechanical build and robustness, it can be hard to determine and provide compatibility of components, etc., etc. I see also current economics as a big impediment for modular devices, as well as consumers behavior itself might ignore concepts of modular devices. Instead of upgrading and/or fixing their devices, people mostly just discard them, and buy new ones instead…

Nevertheless, I hope someday, things will change. Maybe, this day has come?
It could be a very exciting if this concept becomes real, and it makes another revolution in the market, where Nokia could have done…


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