Järjestelmän tila

This is a small post on my search of the most affordable PC system to switch from my current setup
(Asrock miniPC, based on Atom 330 with Nvidia Ion graphic system).
It has been a great system for my humble needs, except my gaming passion for the World of tanks -game. Yeah, I know, Asrock Ion 330 is NOT a gaming setup, and it was actually not bought for playing (but since it could, I used it this way too)). Good enough, as they say. It could handle World of tanks on minimal settings up to recent update (0.9, I think, after which FPS dropped to 6…14). Other than that – a great small and silent computer!
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* Main messages in the system log;
/Listaa tärkeimmät viestit lokista (laita lokit näytölle ja aiheuta itse lokitapahtumia; tee selkeä kooste)

* Processes management (commands, process names and so on);
/Tarina prosessien hallinnasta (tee koneella; nimeä käskyt, prosessit jne)

* Draw some diagrams, displaying the processes (e.g., munin).
/Piirrä käyriä koneen tilasta (esim., munin)

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