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This is a common problem in recent distributives of linux, according to my searches online.

After a fresh installation of Mint (xfce version, a very pleasant lightweight operating system) on [yet another] my laptop, I noticed that the brightness of the monitor was low.

Sometimes the system did respond to pressing brightness buttons on the keyboard (Fn+Brightness Up/Down), but the response was weird and chaotic.
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I’ve been trying to make Windows key work as Super key in Linux Mint (Mate edition),
as this would be natural after using Windows for quite a long time.

I tried Keyboard Shortcuts,
then searched for the keycode of the Windows key on my machine,
and when that didn’t lead to anything, I tried searching.

Seems like this is a known issue and WIP (hopefully, it will work some day) in Mate(
Here is the post I found:

Windows key (Super L) is not working.

That’s enough to stop searching for a while… Hmm.

After I’ve successfully installed a second OS (Gnu/Linux Mint Cinnamon) to my Windows 7 PC from a USB thumb drive, the computer still boots into Windows 7 only.
When USB drive is inserted back into the machine, it shows the boot menu with Linux Mint and Windows 7.

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In this post I explain how I’ve made a small RSI -combating utility boot automatically with lubuntu.

Problem with autostarting.
After installing a very nice utility to keep track of working on the computer, Workrave [],
I found out, it doesn’t autostart in lubuntu (unlike in Windows 7, where it autostarts with Windows OS).

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