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This is a common problem in recent distributives of linux, according to my searches online.

After a fresh installation of Mint (xfce version, a very pleasant lightweight operating system) on [yet another] my laptop, I noticed that the brightness of the monitor was low.

Sometimes the system did respond to pressing brightness buttons on the keyboard (Fn+Brightness Up/Down), but the response was weird and chaotic.
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After installing Linux Mint () I discovered that the usual (and very useful!) shortcut for launching terminal does not work in Mint Mate.
So, to start terminal, I have to go to Menu, then to Accessories, and only after that launch the Terminal.

Not very handy, when usually all you have to do is to hit: Ctrl+Alt+T

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In this post I explain how I’ve made a small RSI -combating utility boot automatically with lubuntu.

Problem with autostarting.
After installing a very nice utility to keep track of working on the computer, Workrave [],
I found out, it doesn’t autostart in lubuntu (unlike in Windows 7, where it autostarts with Windows OS).

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  1. Tee oma metapaketti.
  2. Lisäksi vähintään kaksi seuraavista:
    • tee metapaketteja dependicer:illa
    • allekirjoita paketti (debsign)
    • tee pakettivarasto (reprepro)
    • tee paketti, joka asentaa tekemäsi skriptin (man equivs, Files)
    • (vaikea) tee paketti, joka vastaa kysymyksiin; esim. postfix, mysql-server tms asennuksessa (debconf-get-selections, pre-install script)

22:59 Ensiksi equivs -paketti oli asennettu. Sitä voi käyttää metapakettien rungon (sceleton) rakentamiseksi:
sudo apt-get install equivs
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Here is how we can manage users in Ubuntu terminal:

It is very easy to add a user under linux terminal (we use the standard Ubuntu LTS Gnome  terminal here), just run

sudo adduser usernamehere

and enter some password for the user being created. Add some additional information if needed (names, occupation etc). This step is not necessary and to skip it just hit Enter.


Now when the user is created, one can log on into that user profile by entering

su usernamehere

And of course, to log on to that profile user has to enter the correct user’s password!