Another great story about an inventor, who was robbed off his own invention by a corporation. Andreas Pavel, the inventor of proto-walkman, finally got the wrongs revised – after 25 years of litigation with Sony…

Patents and intellectual property rights should be reformed fundamentally (if not abolished completely), as now it seems an inventor is allowed to keep only what behemoth companies do not want.


What is the name of a small, affordable, but capable PC?
I am speaking about things like Raspberry Pie, the PC that hasn’t yet (?) arrived, the Tango PC, and by ‘capable’ I mean ‘does everything that an ordinary user needs’ (that’s not overly scientific – but I’m a doctor learning blogger, not an engineer’).

I am not sure, whether these computers are close to/ do the same as HTPC. For now, may I call a small, affordable and capable computer – a SMAC-PC?)

I think, it’s just another little computer, but it’s worth mentioning.

It’s marketed as “the first complete Windows 10 PC that fits into your pocket”, which could be true or not (or not that interesting).
The good thing is that developing smaller and affordable computers has become a trend nowadays. Again, I don’t know, whether Raspberry Pie has (or has not) been the spur of fruition in the blooming industry) Anyway, the revolution is here, and noticed even by MS, which claims Windows platform is coming to Raspberry Pie too.

Another title for this post could be:
“BS branding in Copronomics”.

A certain type of marketing, which could have started from “professional” lines of products (“blue” series of Bosch instead of “green”), nowadays reaches quite absurd stage of BS-branding. Have you heard of “pro”-series of toothbrushes? Seriously, “professional” TOOTHBRUSHES?!.. But marketing guru’s do not stop there…
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Dear MEP,
Stop destroying the Internet as we know it!

This year, a global public outcry passed strong net neutrality rules in the United States.
But the EU Telecom single market regulation lacks clarity and falls far short of the US rules:

On October 27th, PLEASE, vote for the amendments that clarify the Telecom Single Market regulation to strengthen net neutrality. EU citizens deserve net neutrality rules that are *at least* as strong as those in the US!

A concerned Internet user.

Oh, up until this moment I could not stop telling people how nice it is to travel through Airbnb!

This summer we had a very promising trip – it started beautifully! – which almost turned to a complete disaster, when we planned to stay in Barcelona for the last 3 days of our vacation. The reason? – A bad choice of a flat and dealing with people, who only started to rent their flat (…to humans?) via Airbnb with absolutely no idea how to basically prepare flat for guests. (Cleaning? – Nope! Correct time of arrival? – Nope. Correct description of the flat? – Certainly – NOT! Etc., etc…)

Unlike previous flats, the last one in Barcelona was supposed to be a private “Lovely, sunny apartment in Sants”.

See some pictures of this “lovely” appartment yourself… Fortunately we understood to take at least some pictures.

1. The dining room was really spartan.
dining room - 456

It is spartan, indeed.

Spartan dining room

Spartan dining room

I almost liked the DIY pallet table, but … that terrible plastic cover… The worst part here? It is a really dirty table!
the kitchen table - CLEAN IT, OMG!!!

2. Bedroom.
Nothing really bad here, except… We had holes in bed linen…

Holes in bed linen...

Holes in bed linen…

And holes in the walls… And some nails protruding from the walls…


“Lovely, sunny apartment in Sants” – do you feel it?

To cheer you up, here is a small cheerfull chest in the corner. It’s old, its upper drawer handle is broken – but you have to cheer up somehow!
Bedroom chest
Maybe, new paint and some work enhance this apartment?..

3. Small room…
A small room stuffed full with two old and nasty sofas…

You would not notice from the picture, but the sofa on the right was not … pleasant (or safe?) to sit on, – it looked really nasty and dirty. I would not say that it was pleasant to sit on another sofa though 8(
sofas, small room

But I could be picky here. The room had a “view” (that is how it was presented to us – “THE VIEW”).
Here, enjoy:
How do you like the view?